Lode Devroe


Graphic designer from Ghent. Style: retro Atomic.
1984 – 2001:  label design for jeans. In 1996: first comic ‘High Speed at Utah’ for Zone 5300. The adventures of sea biologist Dr. Dia started in other comic-zines. From 2001 on: freelance illu and comics. Schoolbooks, magazines, Ufemat. Breakthrough comic in 2011: ‘Hangar 84’ written by Pieter van Oudheusden, edited by Sherpa, inspired by the Roswell incident.

In 2012, I recieved a ‘Stripschappenning’,  an award for graphic design for the comic Painted Desert #1. Often topics from the frontier of fringe science.

Mail: lode.devroe@skynet.be
Web: www.lodedevroe.be

Artwork specially created for this exhibition.

The artist’s text is in the artist’s language.