Luc Descheemaeker


O-SEKOER (BE), 2016

(°1955) Belgian cartoonist and humor photographer with the artist name ‘O-Sekoer’. Winner of more than 300 international cartoon awards. First prize winners in Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Italia, Bulgaria, Argentina and Colombia. Personal cartoon exhibition in India, Brazil, Slovakia, and Poland. Winner of the Premio De Humor Grafico De Las Americas, Mexico First Prize and the World Press Freedom Ottawa (Canada) Grand Prix in 2019

The ‘Brussel’ cartoon is inspired on the terror attacks of 22 maart 2016.

Twitter:  @osekoer

Instagram: luc_descheemaeker

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Facebook: Luc Descheemaeker

The artist’s text is in the artist’s language.