Pieter Gaudesaboos


The work of illustrator, author and designer Pieter Gaudesaboos (b.1979) appeals to all ages. Each picture book is completely different, yet instantly recognisable as a ‘Gaudesaboos’. The books are playful, original, and contain innumerable amusing details. He works with collage and mixed media, combining photography, digital illustration and watercolor. His work has been published and translated for more than 15 years, and he has won several awards.Pieter grew up in Bruges (Belgium) with his three sisters. He studied graphic design and photography in Ghent where he now lives with his partner Tomas and their two daughters, Leah and Suzie.

Facebook & Instagram: ‘Pieter Gaudesaboos’
Portrait foto © Eveliene Deraedt

Mail: pigaud@telenet.be
Web: www.gaudesaboos.be

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