Kristien Aertssen


Inspiration for my illustration for Brusseler:
Brussels, with 166 different nationalities, became the second most diverse city of the world, after Dubai. The biennial “ Zinneke parade“, with 1500 participants , aims to connect these many different cultures in a colorful, artistic and folkloric parade .The name “Zinneke “ is a nickname for people from Brussels and also referring to the Brussels river Zenne. I wanted to reflect the diversity of the city in the different colors of the joyful characters .

I also put some references to Brussels (Tintin and Snowy, chocolate and pastries) and to Belgium in the predominant colors of the Belgian flag: yellow, red and black . As I mostly work for childrens’ books, I like to put humour, details and vivid colors in my illustrations .

Artwork specially created for this exhibition.

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