Katrijn Jacobs


“Brussels is atmosphere to me. A pleasant, surprising and fascinating city. Time and again I walk around in amazement. Not only the architecture, the museums and the monuments make Brussels, but also the people. Walking along alleys and streets. By crowds or find peace and quiet in a park. Once hunger arises, there is a lot of choice: Brussels sprouts, Brussels mussels or a Brussels waffle. Throw all this together in my head and you might end up with this playful, crazy image.”

During the day, Katrijn is in front of the classroom and stimulates art in young people. In the evening and at night you can find her behind her drawing table or PC where she brings her playful world to life. Living and working in Dendermonde, surrounded by her family, Katrijn is walking her path as an illustrator. This along art projects, cards, illustrations, books and her own ‘Ros Beiaard’ collection.

Mail: Jakoebies@gmail.com
Web: www.katrijnjacobsillustrator.be

The artist’s text is in the artist’s language.