Jay Abel

(USA), 2021 Artwork specially created for this exhibition

I am honored to be part of the “Brusseler” project. It was an opportunity to do two things, indulge my love of Northern European culture and to find a European audience.

Since 1985 I’ve split my time between two professions, graphic artist, and professor of art history. The classroom got the better of me for the last 20 years, much to my irritation, but I retired from teaching in 2018 and re-started my deferred career as illustrator.

I did a great deal of line art for newspapers, back in the day, and I developed a reasonable command of several different approaches. My most recent process involves the linocut method. It owes much to the woodcuts of Durer and it never quite losses its archaic buzz. I like that. I was surprised to find that colors work well with linocut, but they’re optional.

My other specialty is old-school editorial caricature, like the kind you hardly see anymore.

Most of the items in my playbook are portraits or caricatures or something in between. The world of art, literature, and music – that’s my world.

Pax, J. Daniel Abel

Mail: john.abel@gcccd.edu
Web: www.jdabelgraphicart.com

The artist’s text is in the artist’s language.