Jan Bosschaert


Jan Bosschaert (BE), 15.12.2057

Comic artist, painter and illustrator. A first publication appeared in Spirou when he was sixteen. Studied Free Graphics at the Sint-Lucas Institute Brussels. His comic series Sam and Jaguar are well-known. He realized illustrations for the VRT, publishers (Averbode, Uitgeverij Lannoo …), magazines (Humo) and writers (Marc de Bel, Katie Velghe …). Every two years there is an exhibition of his paintings in the Van Campen & Rochtus gallery in Antwerp.

“He’s not much of a talker but is more fond of drawing. Give him a lipstick or a pencil stub and the back of a beer mat, so he can transform a small stain into a woman’s body, a shabby line becomes the features of a face.»

Mail: info@janbosschaert.be
Web: www.janbosschaert.be
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The artist’s text is in the artist’s language.