Teresa Sdralevich

(IT) 2021 Artwork specially created for this exhibition

I am crazy about Brussels, and Brussels drives me crazy… Hometown to « ligne claire » cartoon style (which so many of my colleagues quote with humour and talent), the city appear as an unclear, chaotic, blurred-line drawing when it comes to urban planning. New buildings are born daily on the ashes of old ones, where « old » may very well mean from the past decade… Good practices exist, but mainly on a small scale ; bad practices play on a very different ground, of reusachtige, gigantesques proportions.

Teresa Sdralevich is a graphic designer, illustrator and silk-screen printer; she was born in Italy in 1969 and has been living in Brussels for many years. She loves to design posters and books, and she loves to help people to design posters and books, even for a couple of hours.

Instagram / Facebook: Teresa Sdralevich

The artist’s text is in the artist’s language.