This site presents the contribution of the Maison de Image de Bruxelles to the chain of tributes dedicated to the New Yorker. More than 100 big names in illustration responded to the invitation. In the vein of The New Yorker, they each designed a fictitious cover on the theme of Brussels, welcoming and endearing small town thanks to its human dimension and yet the capital of Europe. The work of these artists is above all a mark of sympathy for a city like no other.
Originally there is The New Yorker who since 1925 has been extremely consistent in directing his front page. Renowned for its thoroughness, it is a symbol of quality press. It presents 40 times a year on the cover, an exceptional illustration. The quality of his illustrations, and cartoons has contributed to the recognition of these genres. Its employees are all among the best in their category. Tributes to this cult magazine were to appear around the world. Each tribute is delivered in the form of an exhibition of covers of a fictional weekly inspired by New Yorker. Each title is that of a city and each work tells the story of the city in the artist’s way. The Maison deImage in Brussels is continuing this chain of tributes and is organizing the traveling exhibition The Brusseler, on the model initiated by its predecessors: The Parisianer, Le Montréaler, The Tokyoiter, The Shanghairen, The Milaneser. The artists who shine in the exhibition are part of the Maison de l’image international network. They are among the best Belgian illustrators with a range of international participations. Their presence is a mark of sympathy for Brussels, A city which has been throughout history on the route of invasions to finally welcome the institutions of the only empire created in peacetime with the support of all its components. And probably the most cosmopolitan microcosm in the world. Thanks to Françoise Mouly artistic director of New Yorker and thanks to Michael Prigent and Aurélie Pollet at the origin of the tribute chain. And thank you to the artists who shine in this exhibition.
Carré bleu